Who are we?

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Marketing / Advertising
Advertising is a key feature of the Coutts de Lisle's marketing strategy. Coutts de Lisle advertises in national and regional publications including; 
Also, with the ethos of how to search for a home changing from the high street to the Internet, Coutts de Lisle insist on maximum exposure to the web via our own website as well many other property related marketing websites. With the combination of both medias this enables us to give your property unrivalled market exposure.
Company Relocation
Operating successfully for over fourteen years, Coutts de Lisle have built a reputation for quality property and service, resulting in regular communication with many relocation agents, renting property to blue chip clients and financial houses.
Text messaging/Email
Embracing all aspects of technology all interested parties registered on our extensive database will receive regular updates via SMS and email. This ensures that every means of communication of informing potential tenants of your property are used.
All Coutts De Lisle staff are chosen for their professional and thorough understanding of the property market within the local area. This ensures a consistent high quality of information, knowledge and service throughout your experiences with Coutts de Lisle.
Value Added Services
At Coutts de Lisle we strive to provide the complete lettings solutions for both private and corporate landlords, including project refurbishment, interior design, complete furnishing solutions, and many other letting associated products.
Floorplans and multiple imagery.
On instruction to market your property, a detailed floor plan and multiple photography will be displayed on our own website with on-line downloadable brochures available.
Once rented, managing your own property can be an Karamba arduous process with demanding tenants and ever changing legislation under the Landlord and Tenants Acts.
Whether rented by Coutts de Lisle or not, we provide a tailored service to both landlord and tenant by assigning designated property managers to each property. An extensive training programme undertaken by all property managers within our organization ensures consistent quality of service throughout the tenancy.
Any management instruction requires a pre-tenancy inspection undertaken by the property manager. This ensures that the assigned property manager can make informed decisions to take prompt and precise action to remedy any situation that arises swiftly and professionally.